Welcome to my site. This site will go into detail of what I would do if I had a windfall of $25 Million. I am sure that some people will bleed the money, and while one could probably make it last most of their lives, I would want to make the money grow or at the very least stay at the same rate. Since I won’t be able to work due to a disability, I will likely need a source of passive income. I would also want to do good with this money, so that will also have to be accounted for.

In a short summary, I will use $15 Million to build an apartment building where most of the units will support subsidized housing. This will be the contribution to good to society as there are not enough subsidized housing. The remaining $10 Million will go in a similar fashion to the same use of a $10 Million Windfall. This will mean that the money will be accounted for pretty quickly. This also means there will be relatively few pages here on this site.